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Teledermatology is a remote consultation service designed to monitor the clinical progress and response to treatment of patients. 

It is an alternative to a follow-up visit and cannot replace a first visit.

Only patients treated by one of AnimalDerma’s veterinarians or a European Specialist (Dipl.ECVD) who has joined this service can request a teleconsultation on this website.

If you want to check with your vet the progress of the prescribed therapy and discuss the results of examinations carried out, if you want to agree on maintenance therapy and you need further information, you can receive a tele-consultation quickly, directly at your home and without any stress for your animal.

Using the tele-consultation service is easy, all you need is a computer equipped with a video camera, a tablet or smartphone connected to the internet and the Google Meet or Skype video call software, which can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play or the App Store.

Booking the tele-consultation is very simple:

  • Fill in the form, choose the method of purchase and attach any images. Enter your request in the message form and specify the name of the dermatologist treating the case

  • Click on “Submit request”.

  • Our secretariat will receive your request, send you the invoice and call you to provide you with hourly availability of the attending vet

The cost of a single tele-consultation is € 70.00 including VAT.


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Prescription request

If you are already our customer and your pet is being treated with one of our dermatologists for a chronic disease, you can request a prescription online by clicking the following link

*Prescriptions cannot be sent to patients who have not been examined for more than 3 months